Head to Health is an Australian Government initiative. From 2021-22, the Government is establishing a community mental health services network under the Head to Health brand to provide multiple entry pathways (website, phone and face-to-face through physical centres and satellites) into mental health services.

Head to Health adult mental health centres provide a safe and welcoming space for people, their family and friends, who may be in distress or crisis, or need help finding the right mental health services for their individual needs. Head to Health will help you access the best care for your situation through a ‘no wrong door’ philosophy.

The detailed service model for Head to Health centres is available here.

How to access services

You can take the first step towards finding mental health and wellbeing support that is best for you. The sooner you talk about your mental health, the sooner you’ll get the help and support you need to help you move forward and feel stronger.

The fastest way to access these free services is to visit or call your nearest Head to Health centre. A skilled mental health professional will take the time to understand what is going on in your life, to connect you to the best support or service according to your needs. This may involve a referral to existing mental health or other services and supports.

Services are delivered by a team of skilled mental health professionals.

A GP referral is not required.

Support for those around you

You may be concerned or worried about the mental health or wellbeing of someone you love, support or care for. Head to Health centres can help you, and the people you care about, find the right mental health services and support.


You do not need an appointment to visit a centre. There is currently one Head to Health centre located in each state and territory:


  • Sometimes finding the support you need can seem overwhelming. Rather than jumping straight into a service that may not suit you, it can be helpful to talk to someone who can guide you to the right service. Head to Health centres can provide onsite services for those who need it, as well as telehealth services and are well connected to the other services in your local area to provide you with access to the best supports to meet your individual needs.

  • Head to Health centres are for adults and their families, supporters and carers living in Australia who need mental health support. Even if you have never sought help before, Head to Health centres are here for you.

    Head to Health centres can support adults from all backgrounds, including people from diverse populations, people with new or existing mental health concerns, and people with issues that affect their mental health and wellbeing, such as drug and alcohol use, social and legal issues.

  • Head to Health centres provide free immediate mental health support for people in distress or crisis, and short to medium-term mental health care for people who need it.

    Head to Health staff will talk with you about your personal concerns to identify the support you need. This may involve receiving mental health care and supports from a Head to Health centre or referring you to other services and supports in your region, including mental health services.

    Head to Health takes a broad approach to considering your circumstances, mental health and wellbeing, recognising that there are many factors that can have a negative impact on someone’s wellbeing. Whether you have experienced mental ill-health in the past or if this is the first time you have reached out for support, Head to Health is here to help.

    Head to Health centres were developed to work with you to find the right support for your individual needs. They use their knowledge of the broad range of services available in your region to identify what services are best for you. With your consent, they can also work with your GP to ensure they are kept informed about the services recommended for you.

  • You do not need to make an appointment to visit a Head to Health centre. When you visit a centre, a trained mental health professional will take the time to talk to you, to understand your immediate needs, and an appointment may be made for further care after this initial conversation.

  • Head to Health centres offer immediate, short and medium-term care and can help you find the most appropriate services for your ongoing needs. This may be from one or more services.

    Your initial conversation with a mental health professional will help them to understand your individual circumstances. Head to Health is not intended to duplicate existing services or provide long-term care. If you need long-term care, Head to Health will help you find the support you need.

  • There is no cost for services delivered directly through Head to Health centres. Services that are co-located, in the same building space but not delivered by Head to Health, may incur a fee. You will be advised of any fees prior to any service.

    If we believe you will benefit from support from another provider, where possible, we will ensure this is also a free or low-cost service.

  • With your consent, we can share all or parts of any advice and plans with your GP or other health care providers. If you prefer not to have them shared with your current health providers, that is fine as well. To make sure we can link you to the best services possible and provide holistic care, we will encourage you to discuss any additional advice or support your receive from us with your GP or other health providers. 

  • Yes. However, we will ensure that your care and the services you access fit in with your current care plan and supports. If you are already seeing a psychologist – or another relevant mental health professional – please advise us so we can identify the best types of services to meet your needs and identify any additional supports that you need in addition to your current care.

  • No, anyone can access Head to Health centres, whether they already have a GP mental health treatment plan or not. If we believe you require a mental health treatment plan, we can discuss that with your GP with your consent.

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