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Program/Course - to treat a mental health condition

Canteen Good Grief Program

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About this service

The Good Grief program is specially designed to support young people whose parent or sibling has died from cancer. This program brings together a group of 20-30 bereaved young people to talk about their experiences with other young people who understand.

This service may help:

  • You learn about grief and how to cope with it
  • Talk about your experiences with other young people
  • Connect with others and meet new people

Service for

Carers (family, friends, professional carers)
Carers (family, friends, professional carers)
Anyone in need
Anyone in need
Canteen Australia



Age group

12 to 25 years




3 days


Delivered by a mental health professional

Therapy framework

Canteen reported high program satisfaction, engagement with sessions, and enjoyment of activities. Improvements were seen in trauma coping. No change was evident in grief intensity.