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Setup in review

Your account setup is currently in review. You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been approved by the department, or if there are changes required.

Note that you will not be able to log into the the Service Provider Portal until your account has been reviewed.

If you have any queries about your account or the review process, please contact headtohealth@health.gov.au

Set up your account

You have been invited to use the Head to Health Service Provider Portal (SPP) by the Department of Health and Aged Care. With the SPP, you can manage your organisation’s details and the services you list on Head to Health.  

The link you have been provided is valid for 30 days. Please set up your account as soon as possible.

Why become a listed provider?

Getting listed on Head to Health is free, and can benefit your organisation by:

  • increasing traffic to your digital mental health product or service
  • promoting your product or service as a trusted resource, and
  • increasing your organisation’s brand recognition.

Creating your account

To use the SPP, you must first set up your organisation's account. This will take about 10 minutes. Please complete the setup form in one session and do not refresh the page, as your work will not be saved. 

The information you provide will be reviewed by the Department within 1-3 business days. Minor edits may occur as part of the review process.  

Before your start, make sure you have the following information:

  • Organisation name, description and relevant links to services and resources.
  • Primary contact details of the Administrator.

You should also check that your organisation complies with the minimum requirements as outlined below.

Minimum requirements

For your organisation to be listed on Head to Health, it must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be a mental health or wellbeing-related product or service. The Department is particularly interested in listing free or low-cost products and services.
  • Be delivered by an Australian provider. Locally or nationally available.
  • Be compliant with the following delivery and funding requirements:
    • Be provided by a Commonwealth, State or Territory Government entity, or
    • be funded by the Commonwealth or State or Territory Government, or
    • be funded by a Primary Health Network.

You must also agree to the Organisation Terms and Conditions. You can view the Privacy Notice here.

Account setup

Organisation profile

As it will appear on Head to Health.
An overview of your organisation

Provide a short summary of the types of services you intend to list on Head to Health.

Note: You will need to add these services through the Service Provider Portal for approval by the Department before they appear on Head to Health.

By which we mean, are their efficacy and effectiveness still being established?
List services and provide more information for each about the trial or research being conducted.

Primary contact details

Account setup

Minimum Requirements

Is your organisation a Commonwealth or State/Territory entity?
Is your organisation funded by the Commonwealth?
Is your organisation funded by a State/Territory government?
Is your organisation funded by a Primary Health Network?
Is your organisation supported by any other funding?

Account setup

Agreement to Terms and Conditions

Your use of the Service Provider Portal and listing of any of your products or services will be governed by these Terms and Conditions.

✔ You read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions

Account setup

Thank you. Your account is being reviewed.

You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been approved by the Department.