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Helping you find the support you need

News and announcements | 1 Mar 2024

The national Head to Health website is adding new ways for you to explore the website and connect with mental health services that are right for you.

Some of the changes include:

  • a redesigned search bar that anticipates what you might be looking for with suggested search terms and results
  • changes to the way you can search for resources, with relevant content suggestions and commonly accessed services
  • a refresh to how search results are displayed so you can browse information, services and providers easier
  • a new way to explore content and services based on how you are feeling.

Share your feedback

As you try out the new features and content throughout the website, let us know what’s working well and what you would like to see. Head to Health aims to be accessible and relevant for all Australians. Your feedback will help us provide a seamless and welcoming experience. Please share your experience on the new features and content with the Head to Health team at headtohealth@health.gov.au