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Digital Head to Health wins at Better Future Awards

News and announcements | 16 Apr 2024

The national Head to Health website has taken out the top award at the Better Future Gov Design Awards 2024, awarded Gold for Best New Service or Application. Designed and delivered in collaboration with Liquid, a strategic design and digital consultancy, the judges recognised the innovative design of the website that exceeds expectations and fills a previously unmet need.

The COVID-19 pandemic increased pressure on Australia’s mental health system, with even more Australians seeking support for their mental wellbeing. Despite improving community awareness about mental health, people experiencing mental health and/or wellbeing concerns found it difficult at times to find the right help for them.

Informed by a broad program of research and co-design with more than 350 stakeholders, the enhanced digital experience uses a person-centred approach to make it easier to navigate and access mental health services. 

The website is designed to support and understand an individual’s situation and provide tailored suggestions that are clinically safe and relevant. It connects information, programs and services from across the mental health ecosystem and empowers individuals to take action, even in times of uncertainty.

The national Head to Health website addresses significant pain points for people navigating the complex and fragmented mental health ecosystem. It helps more Australians experiencing mental health challenges be heard, find a path forward, and access services that are right for them – through a new integrated, personalised experience. The success of the digital experience demonstrates the potential of digital, person-centred approaches to service navigation and the opportunity to create real change. 

Liquid’s CEO and Partner, Fiona Armstrong, stated: “We are incredibly proud of the Better Future recognition of this significant project. The enhanced digital Head to Health experience is an important national resource, improving mental health and wellbeing outcomes for all Australians.

"In delivering this project, we’ve set a new benchmark for safe and respectful human-centred design, that shows how we can enable innovation at a pace that responds to social issues, even in sensitive areas."

The Department’s Project Director, Kristen Hodgson, stated: “We are honoured to have been awarded Gold for Best New Service or Application at this year’s Better Future Gov Design Awards. It’s a privilege to be part of the design, development, and implementation of such an important national service, providing an online pathway to navigating mental health and wellbeing information, services and treatment programs available across Australia.”

The national Head to Health website has a history of impressing, having been awarded the prestigious Good Design Award for Excellence in Design and Innovation in 2023 and previously winning Best in Class in 2019 for the earlier Head to Health gateway website.