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Skilling up for health professionals

If you are a GP or a mental health professional, you are often the first point of contact for someone experiencing mental health challenges. You are likely to provide services to people with mental health difficulties even if you work in other areas of health or community services.

This page provides a list of opportunities for you to further develop your skills in mental health, whatever your professional background.

Programs and resources

These services offer a range of modules, e-learning courses, information and tools to support and upskill GPs and mental health professionals.

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GP mental health training and education

The General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC) website offers accredited training in mental health skills common in general practice. This includes training in assessment, treatment, planning, and review of issues.

Visit the GPMHSC website.

Black Dog Institute’s e-Mental Health in Practice programs

Black Dog Institute’s suite of online training modules, webinars, and resources introduces you to digital programs and tools. They can help you to incorporate digital mental health resources into your practice.

Visit the Black Dog Institute’s website.

A GP Framework for child mental health assessment (5-12 years)

This Emerging Minds e-learning course focuses on care for children aged 5-12 at risk of or experiencing mental health challenges. It provides training on identification, assessment, care planning, and support.

Visit the Emerging Minds website.

Practical guide for working with carers of people with a mental illness

This e-learning course provides practical advice to providers for working with carers. Presented by HelpingMinds, it provides a way to help carers manage their day-to-day situations.

Visit the HelpingMinds website.

iCBT Foundations Training Program (CPD)

This program has been designed – for clinicians, by clinicians - to give an understanding of internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy (iCBT) in clinical practice. This program will help clinicians learn about the cognitive behavioural model of emotional wellbeing and strategies that clients can use to manage the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Visit the This Way Up website.

Free digital mental health resources

The e-Mental Health in Practice (eMHPrac) website has a range of resources to assist health practitioners from various disciplines. These resources provide information for using digital mental health programs and tools with your clients and patients. This includes guides, brochures, factsheets, webinars and videos. eMHPrac also provides tailored virtual or face-to-face training to health professionals and organisations for free.

Visit the eMHPrac website.

Consumer and carer engagement guides

The National Mental Health Commission has guides on improving engagement and participation in healthcare. This could be for people with mental health experiences, their families, and other support people.

Visit the National Mental Health Commission website.

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Resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

WellMob offers online wellbeing resources made by and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. These resources include websites, apps, podcasts, videos, social media, and online counselling, with a focus on social and emotional wellbeing.

Visit the WellMob website.

National Initial Assessment and Referral (IAR) for Mental Healthcare

The IAR is a tool to assist GPs and clinicians with the initial response to requests for mental health assistance in primary care settings. It is designed to provide a consistent national approach in determining the right level of care and functional support for individuals, within the stepped care model. 

For more information about the IAR, please visit the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

To arrange training and support, please refer to your local PHN.

Mental Health Professional Online Development Program

The Mental Health Professional Online Development (MHPOD) Program is a national web-based education tool designed to support mental health and broader health professionals in the delivery of mental health care and support. Based on the National Practice Standards for the Mental Health Workforce 2013, MHPOD provides education and training materials including self-directed learning, hour-long modules, MicroLearning, and self-assessment tools.

Visit the MHPOD website.