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Help to support your patients

Head to Health is here to make it easier for GPs and other health professionals to support the mental health of the people they look after.

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Find and send trusted mental health resources and services to your patients. Choose services tailored to their needs that help them work on their health when you’re not there.

How can digital mental health services help you and the people you are helping?

Blended care involves providing a mix of digital and phone-based services to complement the in-person care you are providing. It can help with:  

raising awareness and mental health literacy

providing tips and advice to reinforce what you’ve communicated

enabling patients to actively work on improving their mental health in between appointments with you

someone to speak to when you’re not available

preparing for follow-up meetings

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Stay up to date with the latest mental health practices

We’re here to help all health professionals feel well-equipped to assist people seeking help with their mental health – from training to online tools to podcasts, and more.

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