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Thinking you need some help but not sure where to start?

In this section, you can explore your options and learn how to access the support that’s right for you.

two people walking in park

Where to start

Where you start will depend on your situation and how you’re feeling. The first service you access can help you work out your options and what might be the best next step.


If you feel you:

can manage your own health, a good place to start is reading and talking to others online or trying an online treatment program. 

would like a professional assessment of why you’re feeling this way, you might speak to a GP or mental health professional. This could be via telehealth or face to face. 

need more active support, you may want to try an online program with a coach or clinician where they can support you via text, email, webchat or phone calls.

need immediate support, a crisis helpline might be right for you.   

Explore your options
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Need help getting started?

When you’re choosing where to start, it's important to choose services or people you can trust who will understand and support you. Our quiz helps you find the best matches for your situation.

What to do after a diagnosis

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