What’s new to Head to Health (latest website releases)

Head to Health is making it easier for people to find the supports and resources relevant to their needs, with a range of new updates and features.

The following enhancements were made in December:

  • A print feature allows people to print (and share) hard copy lists of digital resources. This may be particularly useful for health professionals, as well as people in rural and remote area who may not have fast internet services. Saved resources are also able to be shared by email, and a link to saved resources can be shared via an SMS (through cutting and pasting the link into a mobile SMS).
  • The Search feature continues to be improved to ensure closer matches between search terms and search results.
  • The way people using the site can provide feedback is being strengthened – this will help continue to improve the site.
  • There is enhanced reporting which enables us to see how Head to Health is being used across the country - by state/territory, areas of remoteness, and Primary Health Network regions.
  • Organisations listed on Head to Health can now view the number of times their digital resources have been selected by people using Head to Health.
  • There is a new News and Announcements page (under the Welcome menu) which provides updates, announcements, tips for navigating the Head to Heath site, and other articles related to digital mental health.
  • There is a new Communication materials page where people can access Head to Health posters, postcards, and business cards. Hard copy printed materials can be ordered via an online request form, and posters can also be downloaded.
  • A new partnership request (under the Service providers page) allows organisations who wish to have their digital resources listed on Head to Health to contact the Head to Health team. A Service Provider Introduction Pack can be downloaded, and organisations can assess whether their digital resources meet the criteria before taking the next steps.
  • There have also been a number of minor technical changes that improve the usability of Head to Health.

The following enhancements were made in September:

  • A Service Provider Portal was introduced which helps services listed on Head to Health to better manage their resources, such as editing and deleting cards, as well as entering the data required to create new cards. The portal also provides access to basic analytics, so service providers can view trends in access to their own resources on the Head to Health site.
  • Following user feedback, a new homepage has been designed to reduce the amount of scrolling required by visitors to the page. The new homepage also features an animation providing an overview of the site. The previous homepage will still be available. Visitors to Head to Health are randomly assigned to one of the two home pages. Feedback is being gathered, and this will determine which design is preferred.
  • In response to feedback from health professionals, the website includes a new List View option which allows users to view resources in a list view (which provides a more compact listing of suggested resources listed on the page) as well as a grid view option. The list view includes a Show All feature in addition to the Show More feature. The Show More option lists up to 6 additional entries, while the Show All option lists all entries within that format.