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Not feeling like yourself lately? You’re not alone.

It’s something most people experience at some point. And there are simple things you can do that can help.

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Need help getting started?

If you want some support for your mental health and wellbeing, but aren't exactly sure what that looks like, the Head to Health quiz can be a good starting point. Whether you want help with a specific issue you're facing, or are looking to improve your mood and wellbeing, the quiz can guide you to helpful services and resources.

Access free Head to Health services

Call 1800 595 212 for free mental health advice and support, or visit your nearest Head to Health centre or Pop Up clinic.

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Are you under 18?

You can face a lot of challenges growing up, and you may feel like no-one understands what you're going through.

If you're doing it tough, there is help available. Find practical tips and support relevant to you.

Let us know what you think.

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Simple ways to maintain your wellbeing

Take a few easy steps today that will help you sleep better and feel calmer, more positive, and more connected.

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Want to speak about it, but don’t know what to say?

Starting a conversation about how you’re feeling is hard. But here are some practical tips to make it a little easier.

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